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Pres. Obama’s meeting with the Tech Titans.

February 19, 2011


 It was known on US President Obama’s address, that, one of his administrations initiative to strengthen and encourage innovation. Specially to the new generation, he views and planned technological marvels through the flourish of great minds and putting them into technological breakthroughs. With this, he(US Pres. Obama) recently meet up with silicon Valley’s cream and with […]

iPad2 coming up, just another sequel? Or Apple is running out of “Magic”?

February 9, 2011


“Nothing lasts forever and the only thing that’s permanent is change”. Did I just said that? or I just read it from somewhere else. Anyways, reports and leaks are out with the upcoming Apple’s iPad 2. Yes folks, production is ongoing and where are expecting the official words from Apple. Apple never failed to “wow” […]

Microsoft on iPhone app, a union with OneNote.

January 20, 2011


Now, you may kiss the. . .wait!. . .This is not a wedding ceremony. Not a “till death do they part” either. Jobs used to say, a PC is truck in an agrarian region. While, tablets are automatic cars in the city. Ballmer couldn’t agree more. For the iPad is just another PC. So, which is […]

H.264 vs WebM, who will prevail?

January 17, 2011


Apple: iOS will never support Adobe Flash. Google: WebM(H.264) format shall prevail. “to enable open innovation”. Apple sold millions of units and broke 10% market share, while Google, strong as ever and ended 2010 with 66.6% on search share alone. So, what does this mean and where it leads us to with the video codec […]