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Then There was Light, Technology The Beginning.

February 21, 2011


Don’t be surprised, this is not a Bible passage reflection. Latest technology evolution is really an up-pace evolution. One time or another, new gadgets, devices, ideas to prototype and next time you another new comes up making the one released 2, three months ago obsolete. It’s a fact and we can’t just get away from […]

Pres. Obama’s meeting with the Tech Titans.

February 19, 2011


 It was known on US President Obama’s address, that, one of his administrations initiative to strengthen and encourage innovation. Specially to the new generation, he views and planned technological marvels through the flourish of great minds and putting them into technological breakthroughs. With this, he(US Pres. Obama) recently meet up with silicon Valley’s cream and with […]

When Robots think like Humans. . .

February 16, 2011


The common understanding for a robot, it is a machine that is capable of performing complex and long process calculations. It’s main purpose, is to make such laborious operation, for the humans, and therefore alleviates human comfort and diverts the burden to the machines hardware. Unlike the Human brains, Robots mind are powered with tiny […]

Mobile Phones, A Gadget “Swiss Knife”.

February 15, 2011


Have we ever imagined why it is called a Swiss Knife, when it has more and other than knife? Have ever figured it out that all we want was just the knife? In the digital age, everything from miniaturization, compact designs, ultra-portable and all-in-one features have played a major role in implementing most convenient aspect […]

Supercomputer Race, a New kind of “Cold War”

February 10, 2011


After World War II, the U.S. and Russia acquired much of the Germans technology. From the V2 rocket designs, advance ballistic missile came to life and eventually gave birth to the Space Race. That was between Russia and U.S.. Now a new kind of challenge brought about by the emerging advances in technology. Recently, China […]

The Age of Autonomous Robots, Are we seeing “Skynet” just yet?

February 8, 2011


The human senses and capabilities are bound with the limits of its physical endurance. In the pursuit of putting  out human fatigue factor in the battle field, technology have directed us to develop an Artificial Intelligence mimicking and substituting the conventional warfare with much efficiency. Robots, can be rugged, smarter, faster and most of all, […]

GPS Sense of Direction, Makes No Sense After All?

February 6, 2011


Going for a trip? New to a place? Or, just need some directions. Whatever that maybe, a map rolls will just make you a cave man with a toilet paper. Oops! excuse me. Yes, those conventional maps just don’t fit anymore. GPS is now the latest trend. A device which promise you a real-time and […]