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Mobile Phones, A Gadget “Swiss Knife”.

February 15, 2011


Have we ever imagined why it is called a Swiss Knife, when it has more and other than knife? Have ever figured it out that all we want was just the knife? In the digital age, everything from miniaturization, compact designs, ultra-portable and all-in-one features have played a major role in implementing most convenient aspect […]

Nokia-Windows Tandem, a Last Resort? Or just got tired with Symbian?

February 14, 2011


Nokia, still the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. Amidst the growing competition with other major cellphone players, it wasn’t an easy ride. The hurdle became more obvious when Apple made an astonishing move in its iPhone bet. With the recent market trend and threat, as it may seem, it isn’t just over for Nokia. Now, […]

“Line Phone” could be the ultimate Concept for a Smartphone.

January 21, 2011


  The iPhone maybe the best of its kind. But, with only a screen and a battery, what else could you ask for a Smartphone. All that you can think of from a Smartphone, this one, has it all. Forget about the buttons. Already have a touchscreen, buttons are redundant no need for those anymore. introducing […]

Microsoft on iPhone app, a union with OneNote.

January 20, 2011


Now, you may kiss the. . .wait!. . .This is not a wedding ceremony. Not a “till death do they part” either. Jobs used to say, a PC is truck in an agrarian region. While, tablets are automatic cars in the city. Ballmer couldn’t agree more. For the iPad is just another PC. So, which is […]

Smartphone Hacking, gets Smarter Too.

January 18, 2011


Privacy is the condition of being secluded from the presence of others. Being concealed is our utmost priority when speaking with someone, like for instance over the phone lines. But, mischievous acts of eavesdropping is evolving through time as technology advances. Now that we are in the mobile age, cellphones came to existence and smartphones, […]