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End of the World? Betelgeuse, lights out just yet.

May 30, 2011


When will the world ends? A question everyone is so skeptic about and would go any public hysteria just to prove a prediction.The world will end on December 2012, this, according to the Mayan calendar which coincidentally ends on the said date. That is just one of them. Here’s another one, Betelgeuse is about to […]

Then There was Light, Technology The Beginning.

February 21, 2011


Don’t be surprised, this is not a Bible passage reflection. Latest technology evolution is really an up-pace evolution. One time or another, new gadgets, devices, ideas to prototype and next time you another new comes up making the one released 2, three months ago obsolete. It’s a fact and we can’t just get away from […]

Misson To Mars, The Final Frontier?

February 12, 2011


Since the space race begun, the Russian made its mark as the first to sent out man-made satellite, Sputnik. But, when the Americans set foot on the surface of the moon, all have ended and everything seemed to stop there. Now that we have grown technologically, why not extend the space frontier further. In search […]

Astrology, Zodiac got revised for 2011. Not Accurate anymore?

January 15, 2011


Horoscope, Astrology and Zodiac are all ancient forms of calculation to where the sun sits in the heavens on the month that you were born. These map in the sky were already predetermined and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to found out anymore. Or, maybe not. . . In recent view of the stars, […]