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Net Freedom and the Extent of Democracy

February 5, 2011


Latest mid-east political turmoil, had brought much world attention. The rest of the world gave sentiments, and most of all, attention to updates and developments to latest world status. But, isn’t it disappointing to know, that, the hoped freedom can be hindered even in cyber-information. As technology progress, the mindset and political hidden agendas never […]

China’s military ambition, a threat or an appeal for recognition?

January 24, 2011


The “sleeping giant”, China isn’t slumbering anymore. But, a giant, it certainly is. From a rumbling history, the country rose up humbly and progress seemingly to prosper. With a wide and broad source of human labor force, indeed the former communistic ideology is transforming into a tiger economy in Asia. In the world, it is […]

Pentagon’s spending request announced: A downgrade perhaps?

January 8, 2011


It’s about time and it’s the best move the Pentagon have taken recently. ┬áDefense Secretary Robert Gates announced significant budget management for Pentagon’s budget expenditures. According to gates, there are some defense programs that are not that necessary. Defense development halt? With the current directions announced, there are some areas in US defense are not […]