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DVD’s are obsolete, who hit the “kill switch”?

February 18, 2011


It is not an imminent death, and it is not definite end as well. I am an avid movie fanatic. I love to watch movies at the cinemas and most of the time at home. From the Physical medias, like the CD’s and recently the DVD’s, most of us have enjoyed countless materials. Purchase or […]

Warfare has a New Domain.

February 17, 2011


The avenue for the conventional warfare, as we know it, it on land, sea and air. Exchange for firepower and armaments, the venue would be a carnage and bloods all around. Recently, a new form of warfare has gained less visibility and as a matter of fact, could be happening everywhere at anytime. The weapon […]

The “Great Firewall of China”, will it hold forever?

February 14, 2011


For nearly 4 thousand years, China is one of the oldest civilization in the world. Home of the magnificent Great Wall of China, it once possessed the most advance economies in the world. But political dynasties and regimes toppled it down and was secluded from progress for quite sometime. Recently, the “sleeping giant” had now […]

Net Freedom and the Extent of Democracy

February 5, 2011


Latest mid-east political turmoil, had brought much world attention. The rest of the world gave sentiments, and most of all, attention to updates and developments to latest world status. But, isn’t it disappointing to know, that, the hoped freedom can be hindered even in cyber-information. As technology progress, the mindset and political hidden agendas never […]

IPv4 bids farewell, Welcome IPv6. Is there an IPv5?

February 4, 2011


What’s the “fuss” all about? Is it the end for IPv4? Why I should switch to IPv6, is there an IPv5 that should come next? Questions and questions are thrown all over the net. As everything has an ending so, as the vast pools of addresses being utilized in the net, had somehow been consumed […]

SMS plus Phishing, equals, “Smishing”. How to get away from it?

January 19, 2011


You don’t even need a calculator or any derivative solution to come up with the answer. The traditional Phishing and scheme, plus, the population of SMS came together to new form of malware scam. It is not really malware, but, more of a scam. Phishing is the most common form of trickery. It said to […]

H.264 vs WebM, who will prevail?

January 17, 2011


Apple: iOS will never support Adobe Flash. Google: WebM(H.264) format shall prevail. “to enable open innovation”. Apple sold millions of units and broke 10% market share, while Google, strong as ever and ended 2010 with 66.6% on search share alone. So, what does this mean and where it leads us to with the video codec […]