About the Site and Author:

I,m 30 year old Husband and a father of an adorable little angel girl. I started this blog for the reason of curiosity and finding ways for an alternative past time and income in such a way(I hope so).

I am a regular factory worker and like everybody else out there, I’ve got to earn. Got to earn for my family and for myself as well. I created this site to express my thought and views about, basically on everything that will came through my mind.

I’m a college graduate in Electronics Engineering and hoping to widen my writing skills as well. Those blogs and I have posted and those which are to be posted in the future are product of what I hear, read and see in the TV, Radio and the Printed medias. I’m not a Geeky guy but inclined to the technical side.

I have my fair share of thoughts about gadgets, technology, current events, news, politics and others that are worthy to talk about.


If you happen to pass by and read some of my articles, I would be thankful and glad to see you leave a message. It don’t matter how you intend your message to be, just as long as you give your thought about my article and the blogspot in general, it is a pleasure to me.

I don’t like to moderate my comments sections. This a freedom of speech I’m doing here in blogspot, and thank them for it is free, and so are your comments will be. But, in cases when I happen to read some foul words, I must censor them with or without your permission. Although it is a free world, let us not forget we are civilized beings and we should stay that way.

Proprietary and Copyright Issues:

If you’re a blogger, and you found some articles in my blogspot somewhat similar to you, please contact me and let’s talk about it. But, before raising me for plagiarisms or any copyright infringement, bear in my my articles are research from several sources. Put them all together with my ideas and opinions injected to it.

Also, I may have attached a Photo or Video in relation to blog. These attachment are from my wide search in the internet. So, if you found out that its your, again let us talk and let’s not get anything “rowdy”.

Thanks again for visiting my Blogspot and may you bookmark subscribe to my blogs, comments and continue to visit lowtechlife.wordpress.com

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  1. Virend

    May 31, 2011

    Hi Janus

    I am trying to find the source of a illustration you used on an interesting blog you posted on January 22, 2011 titled “Betelgeuse, on a Supernova Finale”.

    I want to purchase the image to use in a publication, but I don’t know who owns it.

    Can you help direct me to the owner of the image.

    Would appreaciate any help you can provide.



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