Then There was Light, Technology The Beginning.

Posted on February 21, 2011


Don’t be surprised, this is not a Bible passage reflection. Latest technology evolution is really an up-pace evolution. One time or another, new gadgets, devices, ideas to prototype and next time you another new comes up making the one released 2, three months ago obsolete. It’s a fact and we can’t just get away from it.

Blogging new gadgets is very tiring and tedious in skimming from one article to another for something new. So, let’s just get away for the trend hype and get down to basics. The foundation and forefathers of all those technologies that we are enjoying now.

Conquest of Light, is a clip released from AT&T tech channel. Sharing you the vintage way of harnessing light technology. It funny how they did it in what we perceived today as LowTech. Thanks to them, the foundation of our future age technologies had become a reality. Watch the clip and be informed.

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