Pres. Obama’s meeting with the Tech Titans.

Posted on February 19, 2011


It was known on US President Obama’s address, that, one of his administrations initiative to strengthen and encourage innovation. Specially to the new generation, he views and planned technological marvels through the flourish of great minds and putting them into technological breakthroughs.

With this, he(US Pres. Obama) recently meet up with silicon Valley’s cream and with some the Tech “Giants”. Apple’s, Steve Job and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg were one of the invited. Over dinner, they made toast and the question is, what could they have talked about?

Out of my mind’s curiosity, I have made some 5 agenda of their dinner meeting.

  1.  Apple: They have grown dramatically this last 5 years. The iPhone was great. Don’t push thru with Nano, bad idea it fill fail for sure. iPhone 4 was great. But, don’t go any further with iPhone 5. I(US Pres. Obama) can’t imagine what screw or button location you have to change when that comes. Think of something else. You(Apple) were the first with the iPad. You(Apple) have the momentum, but, please when you have the iPad2, bring some more magic in it.
  2. Facebook: Congratulations for the millions of users worldwide. But, wait,you still have to get China. Their “Great Firewall“, we mus go over it or get through it. The Chinese are more happy to “Add me(US Pres. Obama) as friend”. The communist era is long gone, they have to get out much. We have to make it quick to, before they’ll hit Taiwan. America’s tired of fighting wars for others.
  3. Where’s Google? Facebook, if China is such a hurdle, get help from Google. They’re good with the search engine thing. Might as well make use of their engine and get them running right away. If we have to crawl that “Great Firewall” it must be done.
  4. IBM: Good job with Deep Blue, excellent work with Watson. Now, we’ve cut budget on defense( we’re broke) and we are investing more with the drones. I(US Pres. Obama) was thinking doing the same thing for our drones. Not for Jeopardy game, of course. I want them to fly on their own completely. Remote pilots have grown jealous and impatient. They, haven’t gone over with me killing the costly F22 “Raptor”.

So, there you have it. Those are just some of the minutes of the meeting. Hey, did I said there was 5? Well, the last but definitely not the least. . .Steve(Apple), tell Bill Gates he should have an iPhone. Zune sucks.

There, you have it folks, funny it is(I hope). Seriously, those are just a product of my thoughts. They are no such conversation on that dinner meeting. I just hope I was there to tell you guys what could they have talked about.

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