DVD’s are obsolete, who hit the “kill switch”?

Posted on February 18, 2011


It is not an imminent death, and it is not definite end as well. I am an avid movie fanatic. I love to watch movies at the cinemas and most of the time at home. From the Physical medias, like the CD’s and recently the DVD’s, most of us have enjoyed countless materials. Purchase or rent them on video stores are the kind and fair way for the industry to acquire such materials. But, with the advent of the internet and the sophistication of streaming videos, the growing popularity of the physical medias slowed down and, from the looks of it, it will eventually die down.

CD’s are for the Music medias and eventually overturned with the portable music players. DVD’s widely used for Film materials are now slowly losing grounds with the introduction of Blu-Ray(in the aspect of Quality or High Definition videos).

So, did we ever meant the DVD/CD dead? or someone just hit the “kill button” and then the domino effect took over?

Piracy and On-line movie subscription.

Piracy, for me, is considered to be the killer of the film industry. You know, those materials on the net that are free for download. Those movies, obviously, captured from a movie theatre and with those heads passing by blocking the “pirates” camera view. It is clever, but most of the time, lucrative for those who wants fresh new released films. They don’t mind about the quality, all the want is to who can post on the net first. Traffic and generating per download, quite unfair for the movie industry.

An ongoing battle for the Film producers, somehow made them to a venture on the online video streaming. Subscription package for considerable affordable amount with the convenient of viewing at home. No need to go to the video store. Netflix for example is offering at least $5 per month package. Some may offer free one month, trial, subscription.

As the libraries of movies grew, so as the competition for the online movie streaming boost up. Major players, such as iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and Vudu are continually offering packages to grasp viewers attention and patronage. For added edge, some are offering wide selection of High Definition video streaming for further viewing pleasure.

Hopes for the DVD’s, at least for a while. . .

Eradication it may seem for the DVD’s, video stores may shut down, but the presence for the disc or physical medias will still be here for a while. As some of may have come appreciate to what is the good video material, we are now looking to find those that best suit our viewing needs.

If the High Definition movies aren’t great, so why are we developing HD Televisions. Although, the libraries of the online movie streaming are broad, not all can avail High Internet speed that can support HD streaming. HD TV’s could be expensive. The best alternative for the HD crave would be the DVD’s and the Blu-ray technology.

Most of us love to own a movie. Keeping at our home’s libraries for future use and we had the freedom to watch them anytime. For some online movie providers still offers the physical media distribution. DVD by mail or through kiosks. Redbox, recently, take aim in the subscription movie service with monthly flat rate. For under $4 you can avail online subscription plus a 4 freed DVD at the kiosks.

Obsolete it may seem, for those who are tired with the movie collections, don’t just waste them yet. You may still lend them with families and friends or have them traded somewhere else on the net perhaps.

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