Warfare has a New Domain.

Posted on February 17, 2011


The avenue for the conventional warfare, as we know it, it on land, sea and air. Exchange for firepower and armaments, the venue would be a carnage and bloods all around. Recently, a new form of warfare has gained less visibility and as a matter of fact, could be happening everywhere at anytime.

The weapon of choice.

Cyber warfare is not as sophisticated as we thought them to be. Although, there are minor changes with the schemes used by cyber-criminals, the tools is as simple as 125 lines of code. A growing threat to both and nations defense and industrial security, and is the most popular mode of disrupting continuous flow of information.

Spies and Data mining.

In the advent of the Internet age, the wide use of information database centralization has been the ultimate solution for data storage and provides fast routing of information from one database to another. For military use it was introduced until the commercial use was sighted for its lucrative use.

With nations attempt to maintain military secrecy, some information are classified for few eyes only. For military superpowers, these information are vital to its defense capability of not to be known to foreign adversaries.

Spies are now on the race to who ever gets and bags the information, build and use them, or study and learn how to counter them. With such threat, instead the war of being held somewhere with the armaments, it is continually being battled on the wires of the world-wide web.

Exchange of codes in effort to infiltrate or deflect the cyber warriors are the latest cyber war activities. No bloods are spilled but the danger and destruction it can contribute can create havoc as a detonated Nuclear Bomb. Cyber-criminals can create stocks market chaos, they can infiltrate military secrets. Mining weapons design and operations plan.

The growing threat.

Such threat is growing tension amongst nations and is causing hysteria in the public. Although, we can’t see them on television and on the news, they are silently engaging the battle somewhere on someones computer. It may not be a battalion of army, it could be a duel against a kid, on the basement. Or it could be someone, in a coffee shop using a Wi-Fi hotspot. New hacking tools pose much threats and together with the cyber war of words, as to who did this, is causing confusions to the public which in turn makes it a greater problem.

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