When Robots think like Humans. . .

Posted on February 16, 2011


The common understanding for a robot, it is a machine that is capable of performing complex and long process calculations. It’s main purpose, is to make such laborious operation, for the humans, and therefore alleviates human comfort and diverts the burden to the machines hardware.

Unlike the Human brains, Robots mind are powered with tiny gizmos with each elements behaving and contributing differently to perform a single task in a fast and accurate result. The Humans are vulnerable to physical stresses, which, in due time degrades and the efficiency reduces as well. So in an attempt to cope up with the human fatigue factor while maintaining the integrity of the result, we created computing machines.

But, what if, our effort to make this machine more smarter, we’ll making them more like Human?

Human Logic and Robot Algorithm.

1 and 0 is the discrete information the machine can understand. His interfaces are based on this two binary information and without those, it is nothing. What if they possess the complex Logic processing and evolves to the higher level of human thoughts. Reasoning is the main obstacles for developers are trying to overcome or perfecting for the 21st robots. deciphering the right and wrong is difficult for a machine for it is limited with the library of thoughts or information it stores.

The human reasoning is often biased by his/her emotions. Clouded with some factors from previous human experience, he oftentimes makes mistake and with it gave birth to his consciousness a sense of Lesson. But, with the machine, it is different. Performing complex calculation, it performs decisions based on its own “confidence”.

Confidence is something we do all day, for a human. But for a robot, it’s unlikely.For, it’s a result of the machine producing various results, ranking them and give the one with the highest probability of correctness. Humans do weigh, but, decides on the necessity and the outcome. Robots,calculates and rank, to get the results and repeat the task for another hurdle or question.

Revolution for New Solutions.

21st century problems needs 21st century solution. Previously we have had ASIMO. Honda’s success the world’s first robot to walk on feet and legs. It is relief for such breakthrough that will soon lead to ways in aiding the aged citizens. Walk like humans do was the first step, and now thinks like Human is the greatest challenge. Recently we have such kind. From the “chess-master” Deep Blue, now with IBM’s jeopardy bet, Watson. This two machines are just examples and soon to be the foundation of machines capable of much  higher level of thinking. It may even higher than that of a human being.

Amidst the effort we have and we shall, enforce lets just not make the best thought of all and that is common sense. Although, we see good on such developments, movies often times distracts us from our normal decisions and entices us to “out of this world” ideas. But, we couldn’t help but think, What if Robots thinks like a Human Being? What will be the boundaries to keep them from the level of a machine? If there guidelines and Laws if they become to a reality, let’s just hope the “Three laws of Robotics” holds through for the benefit of mankind.

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