Mobile Phones, A Gadget “Swiss Knife”.

Posted on February 15, 2011


Have we ever imagined why it is called a Swiss Knife, when it has more and other than knife? Have ever figured it out that all we want was just the knife?

In the digital age, everything from miniaturization, compact designs, ultra-portable and all-in-one features have played a major role in implementing most convenient aspect of our daily routines. For example, an ordinary printer had been revolutionized to be a fax machine, scanner and a printing solution at the same time.

In this aspect, some technology innovation had somehow absorbed the idea and putting it to everything else. The most interesting for me is the trend for Mobile phones.

From a brick size with an annoying antenna, to a slick and ultra-portable design, the cellphones of today are on an evolution. But, to what it has become extends beyond communication. And some, may have just become nothing but some time-wasting small version of an “idiot box”.

Communication was the objective. Until, SMS came, simplified and made communication cheaper. Basically, that was supposed to be it. Then, user application based platforms were introduced. Games for example and as the LCD display resolutions and the graphics based processors advances, the mode and details of the mobile gaming on a cellphone caught much attention to the growing users.

Games was just one of the many applications, specifically designed for the users entertainment. Another examples are, on-board FM receivers, TV tuners, MP3 players, Net browser, Video and still cameras and many more. So many versions of smartphones that may have some of those features  and some may just have it all.

It’s funny how we grow ourselves, but, going round in circles. The most important question we should ask ourselves, is, what do I need a cellphone for? Do I need it watch Television? Do want it to have a an adrenaline games on it? or I want it to have it ready for calls and good quality of communication, at all time.

Instead of draining most of the battery juices for some silly games, I’d rather have my cellphone reserved and allocated for the basic need.

It may advances far more, it may possess the best OS, it may even have the highest camera resolution, it may even has the capability of all the computers, let us not forget that is still the same old telephone that Bell once invented.

Again, what do we want cellphones to be, a Net Browser, a Media player, and gaming console or a Telephone. We should make our mind before we might just end up like a “swiss knife” expensive, but, only use the can opener.